Let me start by saying that I had to do a complete make-up and skincare overhaul. I started seeing a new dermatologist because the hormonal acne on my chin was OOC. It was painful, throbbing, leaving behind red and blue discolorations and I think at one point I had more pimples below my nose than I'd had on my face the whole of 2015. New city means new water, new weather, even new sunshine (my other doctor told me that in Chicago we are so far north that we don't even get an adequate amount of Vitamin D from sunlight here!) All of that, combined with my hormone therapies and of course, stress, meant my face was a mess. Basically the sahara desert from the nose up and a teenage boy taking recreational steroids from the nose down. Gah.

So my awesome new dermatologist has me on a science magic regimen and it is working. So when he told me I needed to redo my cosmetics and then gave me a long printed list of his approved picks... Well, I went to Sephora and I did a major online purchase (some of you saw and commented on my instagram stories.)

So, enough about my very specific and personal skin problems. Let's get to the good stuff. I've spent the last for days playing with my new haul and have come up with a magic formula that makes my skin look incredible. Even as I heal (which means I've got some pigmentation on my chin, some irritation around my eyes, and a whole host of other things you CANT EVEN SEE because this routine is so on fleek) I love how light this feels, even though I know there are hella products involved.

Let's begin:

1) Start by prepping the face with a moisturizer. I'm currently using and loving Atopalm's sensitive skin friendly daytime undermakeup moisturizer (use this link for $10 off!) I am obsessed with it because it was developed by a dermatologist with severe dermatitis and it mimics the skins natural lipids and is awesome for dry, sensitive, eczema prone skin.  That basically goes on from the nose up. From the nose down (aka the breakout zone) I'm using a specially compounded nogenic moisturizer that my new dermatologist made just for me.

2) Apply the photography fluid as a primer to the cheeks, nose, undereye and forehead. This kind of scary looking lotion (it's white and shimmery) actually dissolves into skin forming a gorgeous, smooth canvas. ,

3) Because I like my "baby contour" by placing the photography foundation in golden tan just on my cheekbones and in the "3" (over the brow, cheekbone, chin) on my face.

4) Then I cover my whole face in paper thin layers of  oil-free foundation applied with beauty blender + mist. I start with a pea sized drop for my whole face and then layer more on my chin where I need fuller coverage.

5) I spot treat the acne spots on my lower face with this creamy, dreamy blemish fighting concealer, then pat to blend with my finger. I've tried a bunch of these and this one is head and shoulders above the rest for coverage and not getting a weird pilling texture. It lasts decently well (not the whole night, but maybe one touchup? not bad for those pain in the butt blemishes.)

6) Using my fingers again I apply the glossier stretch concealer around my eyes. Then I place the  no bronzer bronzer under my cheekbones and  haloscope in quartz on top of my cheekbones.

7) I finish with brows and last night's mascara. Here I've got on boy brow in black followed by a brow pomade to fill in the growing out spots.