Alternate title: If 90s Liv Tyler had a Fashion Baby

Step 1: IDGAF Hair
It's never been easier to channel that I rolled out of bed (location unknown) showered and then hopped into a stolen convertible with my best friend look. My personal preference is the Ouai Volumizing Shampoo + Conditioner, Hair Oil and Masque once a week but right now the shelves are filled with things to rock out your natural texture.

Step 2: Punk Rock Shirt, slightly too big as if stolen from him, but really it's YOURS
This one is from Zara, but it's way way way better if you can find them vintage. I do like that this one says "pretty in punk" a lovely homage to Molly Ringwald, who people have been telling me I look like my whole life.

Step 3: School Girl Mini Skirt
The epitome of bad girl chic - remember the crazy video? (Aerosmith, not Britney) Or Empire Records?

Step 4: Mid-Ankle Heels
See references above. Back then they were just as likely to be some kind of combat boot as these suede beauties (which are Vintage) but the idea was the same. Short skirt, long leg, medium boot.

Step 5: Leather Jacket
Another vintage one here, that I had altered to make the slims super fitted. (Life changing, finding out you can tailor a leather jacket - but choose wisely as it is $$$)

Then all you need is some really good lotion for your legs (or you know, a candle)  and you're ready to rock 'n' roll. (pun intended)