My Lenny Letter horoscope for this week reads the following:

Astrology is bullshit except when we believe, and then it’s totally legit. Prayer is most effective when it is used to change the person praying and not the object of a prayer. In many forms of witchcraft you cannot cast a spell on anyone or force them to do something against their will, but spells still exist. Remember these things as you look to decipher what is real and unreal, true and untrue about the world.

This spoke to me on a deep and personal level because I recently purchased a crystal wand and I've been using it to cast spells on people I love.

They have been working.

I don't think this is because my crystal has any kind of magic powers in it (whether or not I have magic powers is still up for debate) but I do believe in energy. I believe we can control the flavor and texture of our energy. I believe there is a finite amount of it. I believe that our energy can be drained by things that don't serve us, and that when we clear away those toxic vacuums good things rush in to fill the void they make. I believe that intention and focus can drive you to get the results you are after. That even just turning your mind to something (in this case my "spells") can in turn help to drive those results.

I also believe that I love shiny, sparkly things like crystals and they bring me great joy.

So obviously, when the sweet sweet people at Mojo Spa gave me their gorgeous Gem Stone Soaps I was over the moon excited. They are so freaking rad. The packaging is adorbs and the soaps are so pretty I almost don't want to use them.

Inside the cute little box is two soaps:

Amethyst Soap: Considered the “Healing” crystal, works to soothe nerves & reduces stress. It also contains Castor Oil  which is anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, & provides long lasting hydration. 

Peridot Soap: Considered the “Protection” crystal, protects against bad intention and reduces feelings of anger or fear. This one contains grapeseed oil which is anti-aging and helps balance skin's ph & oil production.

Makes an awesome gift for your favorite boho, gypsy/witch.
Mojo Spa Gem Stone Soaps