I swear one of these days I will learn to love a sleek, natural look as much as my husband does. I will embrace minimalism. I will not tease something, flip something upside down and spray it, or otherwise boost my locks until their composition rivals a natural architectural wonder. But today is not that day.

Today, I conceived of my look with nothing less than a Victoria's Secret "angel" in mind - big, bouncy, sexy, waves - so imperfectly perfect they must be constructed. In this case I feel like every product, comb, brush, iron (curling and straightening) were required. There was not a strand left unmolested. The more "effortless" the hair look the more sheer effort it takes to create that look.

That said - how different does it really look from when I just air dry my hair? Let's view some examples from past blog post:

FROM  Shopping Vintage for Fall 2016



Does the blowout look gorgeous and amazing? Of course. Is it shinier, the ends healthier, the curls more luscious and bouncy? AB-sofreaking-LUTELY. Does it make that much of a difference from when I let me natural waves baste in the luscious Ouai potions? UM. I guess?

TBH, I will never stop getting blowouts because there are few greater pleasures for me than having someone else wash my hair, and then deal with it for me. Taking the burden off of myself to lug that heavy blowdryer out. To raise my arms while holding brushes and irons. It's basically a barre class to do hair to yourself. This feels like a rest day.

But in terms of judging my own natural hair and finding it lacking? Meh. I like it how it is. It's unruly, kind of frizzy, definitely wavy mermaid hair. It fits my personality. My dad used to call me his little mermaid.

After decades and decades spent hating my hair - well, I'm basically obsessed with it.**I do like to play with the color, but that's different. I like being a brunette I just think playing with colors is fun! (like blombrerose goldpurple) **

I guess it takes losing something to fully appreciate it.

acoustic version begins to play...
"Don't it always seem to go, that you don't know what you've got till it's gone... "