One of my favorite dirty hair one-more-day-without-washing looks is the super sleek low bun. No matter the hair length (I've been known to essentially cage in short locks with bobby pins) this flattering style can keep your hair out of your face, draw attention to your eyes, enhance your cheekbones and otherwise stylishly extend the time between washing. It's green. It also looks amazing. That's why it continues to be a perennial fashion favorite.

The secret to making it a look, and not just a lazy hair day, is the addition of two quick and easy steps.

First, tease some volume at the crown (I show you how in the video!) Second, use some pomade and a bristle brush for a super shiny, sleek look. If your hair is dirty dirty like mine (or you want some extra volume) a quick spray of dry shampoo beforehand goes a long way. All in the additions take about two minutes, but the result is worth the extra effort.

Here's the product I use and love to achieve this look. Watch the video, and send me any more requests you might have!