The backdrop for all good things.
Below, my visual scapbook, with some comments, stories from the wedding and other tasty tidbits from our anniversary weekend.  

Our  Favorite place to gather (and recover) I loved sitting in the tub having breakfast with the friends staying on site and rehashing the hilarious stories from the night before. 

Right here is where I pulled my new husband into the pool in all his clothes.

Where the naked groomsmen brought an abrupt end to the hot tub party (it was probably time)

Puppy of honor

the fire where we made s'mores

Do you think she remembers me from our photoshoot

New Restaurant in town - Seaside Metal Oyster Bar - SOOOO good

There are some places that only get more magical the more time you spend in them. Boon Hotel + Spa is definitely one of them. We went there the first time for Steve's Birthday. As soon as we walked through the arching wooden hallway into the pristine camp. we fell in love. We begged them to let us get married there, and somehow by some magic it all camp together better than we could have we dreamed. It was the best day of my life.**

Sometimes going back can take the magic away and last year we couldn't come because I was recovering from my surgeries but this year we had to go back. And it was even more beautiful, perfect and magical than we hopped (with an expanded offering of amazing new food, restuarants and bars that have popped up in town since.

**(You can see lot's of pictures of the auspicious event starting HERE- or in the My Wedding Dropdown section)