Is it possible to "look hot" and also be comfortably warm (temperature wise) at the same time? What about minimalist while also wearing a shirt with built in jewelry? How about sexy in a turtleneck?

I put forth the idea that it is so, and that as a bonus it also includes a hair tie. (Yes, my hair is tucked into the turtleneck, def did not chop it off, still traumatized.)

I got this shirt and wore it everyday for 3 days (sorry husband) because it is just everything I want in a shirt. Long enough. Soft enough. Chic. Sexy. Built in accessories.

It has just done a restock off a waiting list. Get one while you still can (or if you miss that, get on the waitlist! They do restock!)

Reformation Piper Choker Top in Black (and Emerald! want)

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