Right now fashion is having a moment that I would best describe as how the 90s imagined that the future would be. Like, it's "futuristic" but with a distinct throwback feeling to the decade (almost 20 years ago now!) that was obsessed with being the last of it's millennium. I use the caption marks deliberately because I can't think of it as being futuristic, it's too nostalgic for that. It's almost as if the predictions for what clothing would look like were self actualizing. We made it so because we willed it to be so.

Think Angelina Jolie in Hackers. One of my favorite movies of all time - Jolie's character is a sexy, glossy tomboy who somehow manages to be sporty and shiny at the same time. That is all I truly aspire to be, and in her character I realized it was possible. She is all of those things, and in by blending them becomes the kind of future 90s poster child that would, as Bustle calls it, "look appropriate in your instagram feed now." This must be how my mom felt when I "discovered" styles that she wore well before my time.

I want to look like a sexy, glossy, glittery, sparkly tomboy. I feel like the quote unquote "inspired" pairing of sneakers and a metallic puffy is magically the perfect combination of those things. It's also hella comfortable.

Fashion is so cyclical, it folds in on itself like a snake eating it's own tail. This time around I plan to save all my plastic chokers as proof to my children of how cool I was in twenty years when they become fashionable again.

Metallic Silver Puffy | Windshield Wiper Shades | Black & White Sneakers | Vintage Tee