Needless to say I am obsessed and feel like these adorable little bottles really put my skin over the edge into some amazing territory. Use this link to get 20% off Glossier, or read more below this gorgeous packaging bonanza. If you've been falling along on social then you may have noticed that I have been flaunting some mysterious new products that have not yet been available. Well today is the day, and you can now get your own super pack (or individual super serum!) on Glossier.

The set includes three different serums that address different skin concerns. Meant to be used individually or combined, the creative folk who got a sneak preview have already figured out how make them into a DIY sheet mask (by soaking them in cotton pads) and mixing them with everything from skin tint to moisturizing moon mask.

I'm a big fan of all three but my personal favorite is Super Glow - it really brings out the best in my skin. Super pure is the lightest, most pleasant smelling acne treatment I've ever used (is it melon?) and Super Bounce is getting the most raved about reviews (it's my prediction that it will be the first one to sell out!)

The active ingredients in Glow and Pure got shout outs in the September issue of Elle, pictured above, for being the MVP Vitamin (Niacinamide found in Super Pure) and Key to Collagen (Vitamin C found in Super Glow) but here's the science at work behind the pretty packaging:

When your skin is stressed, blotchy, breaking out = Super Pure
Featuring niacinamide and zinc, this is all about banishing stress skin - flaky, red and most of all zitty skin. Niacinamide is highly touted for it's anti-inflammatory properties which makes it a popular ingredient for natural treatment of acne and other inflammatory skin diseases. Zinc is proven to treat acne when applied topically and can also be used to treat herpes simplex and speed wound healing (in case you're a picker like me! PS:  STOP THAT)

On days when skin feels dull and needs energy, like after pulling an all-nighter = Super Glow

The hero ingredients are Vitamin C (which protects skin from antioxidents, boosts glow, helps with fine lines and wrinkles and is basically like a wheatgrass shot for your skin) plus magnesium which prevents wrinkle formation, reduces inflammation and encourages healthy skin growth. The combination of these two is all about boosting tired, puffy, blotchy skin while also packing the most potent anti-aging ingredients of the bunch. Recommended application while listening to Closer by The Chainsmokers + Halsey ... "No we ain't never getting older, we ain't ever getting older..."  

Feeling tight or dehydrated = Super Bounce
Well, really who isn't. Fall turns to winter and my skin becomes the freaking sahara desert. Between less moisture in the air, all time spent indoors, heating, and that cold chapping wind I turn into a crumpled piece of parchment paper. Super bounce has a highly potent and absorbable form of hyaluronic acid which pulls moisture from the air and into your skin cells. Paired here with B5, proven to moisturize and heal skin when applied topically, it's a quenching/hydrating addition for sad, dried out skin. 

Originally published 9/12/16, but like, I still love them, they are MVP why's it always got to be new stuff. If it ain't broke don't fix it!