I used my Sephora brownie points or whatever they are called to try out new things and when I saw that they had the Magnetight Age-Defier by Dr. Brandt in that shiny little glass tube I had to snag it. One, it looked weird. I love weird cosmetic stuff. Snail Mucus? Yes please. Microcurrent infusion? I'm in. Moreover, I had a read about this in one of my glossy magazines. I had to try it.

To application process is just like any other mask. Wash face. Tone*. Apply (they provide a spatula, I cannot use those little things and just use my finger) all over your face. Wait some amount of time.

The uniqueness of this mask - which feels grainy like a charcoal mask, but smells herbal like a clay mask, and also somehow "softer" - is in how you remove it. It comes with a magnet. You wrap that in a tissue and glide it over your face.

After experiencing the somewhat soft and creamy texture of the mask I was highly skeptical, but when the time came (actually a little before, I'm so impatient) I grabbed my tissue wrapped magnet and went to work...

It was AMAZING. Not only did it come off in these clean, glorious swoops - it also felt like someone with the tiniest little sweet octopus fingers was gently tugging and then unsuctioning off my face. It felt so good, and more importantly, my skin looked bananas. So young and radiant. It had a velvety texture and the mask left behind a coating that felt exactly like Miracle Blur, or Benefit Porefessional, or my beloved Murad Invisiblur sunscreen.  It looked crazy good - smooth, radiant, plump, tight, dare I even say poreless. My make-up glided on (not that I really needed it!)

Overall I'd say this mask is a winner - especially if anti-aging is your concern. I will give the caveat that on my chin, where I had a cyst brewing, it did seem to make that sucker pop out more this morning (that could also have been the dairy I had last night) but in the future I just wont put it on my breakout prone chin.

Watch the video to see this crazy mask in action!