15 minute videos! PEOPLE ON THE INTERNET DO THIS. I know, it seems crazy, but I watch them all the time! They are, in fact, mildly addictive and also incredibly educational. AND you guys asked for it. So here it is.

For those of you not up on the internet slang, GRWM stands for "Getting Ready With Me." Not Grown Woman, as I first thought. Above are some pictures from after I did the look. Not too shabby. Love the subtle purple eye.

And of course, here's a list of everything I used:

Eye Stick
Eyelash Curler
Liner with Growth Treatment
Makeup Palette
Mascara 1 - Mascara 2
Priming Moisturizer
Concealer (under eye) 
Concealer (stick)
Clear Brow Growth Gel
Brow Pomade
Brow Gel
Lip Pencil
Lip Stick

Let me know if you watched the whole thing (you're my new best friend!) but also if you want to know more on any topic, or if you have any more requests! I love requests.

PS, yes these are my lashes. You can read how I got them so AMAZING on Tuesday. Stay tuned!