Rejoice! No longer will you suffer the indignities of perma-wedgie, shoulder crushing bodysuits. The solution is not to be found in the tucking of a normal shirt, no no! Not for us! We tall, gorgeous women, will not be forced by our towering amazonian glory into adding bunched fabric to the least desirable of all places (the rounded area below the belly button) when those less limbed can swan around in the effort (or at least bulk) minimizing bodysuit. Finally, a mass market merchandiser has realized that once size does not fit all torsos. Behold, the glory and wonder of the Topshop Tall section. Oh, the untold glory of clothes that fit - the result of that extra length means I can wear my actual size (instead of extending out to get the length I need) which results in the most flattering high waisted jeans I have ever owned and something I thought I could never wear. Wonders never cease.

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