Sometimes I think I consume too much media. I sit at my computer all day and I read and I watch and I search and I pin and I instagram. I file the information away somewhere, letting it accumulate, letting patterns form.

Then sometimes I dress myself and the impact of all that media that I have consumed bubbles up and out of me into the sartorial decisions I make. Behold - this ensemble. It contains:

Air-dried Natural Beachy Waves (#ouaiaddicted)
Elevated Nose Pad Sunglasses with Mirrored Lenses (Olivia Palermo for Westward Leaning)
Rose Gold AHEM Choker (#revolveme)
Embroidered T-shirt with IDGAF slogan (#refbabe inspired)
High Waisted Wedgie Levi's (not vintage)
A Pajama Top (see previous post) in the color of the season ("rose quartz")
No make-up makeup courtesy of Glossier

Is it too many trendy things? All at once? Do I look cool or just ridiculous? I honestly can't tell anymore. I got more than a few appreciative glances from the construction workers passing by, but also a few that looked skeptical and/or confused. Not that men who ogle me in public should be the arbiter of cool and/or "fashion"...  but sometimes I envy people with a style that isn't so malleable, impacted by trends and styles.

I had a lot of fun with this outfit and also with not doing anything to my hair. I was weather appropriate, the fabrics were soft and silky. The rose gold choker makes me happy. The sunglasses are light and comfortable on my face. I am cute but (clearly) a little bit "psycho" which is a way of saying I fall outside of societies normative judgements on female behavior. Plus I have anxiety issues.

So here are my questions for you dear readers: Is it too much all at once? Do I look cool? Am I clearly trying to hard to look cool to pull off the essential IDGAF attitude that all cool girls seem to embody. Does my even asking these questions permanently sabotage any chances I have of ever being cool. Do I even want to be cool?

Sometimes, life gives us more questions than answers.