I love tiny little bottles. I always have. When they contain my favorite products, all in TSA approved sizes, I get a profound and unwavering sense of satisfaction that is hard to top.

Steve calls these my "go bags" and while I will add things in, they are usually prepped so I can be "spontaneous" while still feeing prepared for whatever my skin + hair throw my way.

They are not just for long flights - but gym outings where I will be showering there, pool days (back when it was summer) hiking, boating - basically any day when I might be leaving my house for  a long amount of time.

Below is a checklist for travel so you can be armed for whatever skin throws your way. You'll see my brand preferences below but the trick here is to use the brands you already know, love and trust. 


  1. Sunscreen
  2. Hair product for your natural texture (in my case waves)
  3. Dry Shampoo 
  4. Body/hand soap 
  5. Something for zits 
  6. Something for moisture 
  7. Something for tired/aging skin 
  8. A balm (great for everything from burns to chapped lips and cuticles) 
  9. A moisturizer 
  10. A lip treatment (scrub)
  11. A face treatment (mask)