I find that my proclivity for exercise is somewhat cyclical. Sometimes all I want to do is barre, sometimes it's bootcamp 4 days in a row, sometimes it's megaformer till my legs can't hold me up anymore. But whatever I get into, I get really into. Then I get sick of it and move on, and the cycle continues. It's the same with songs (listen on repeat) and snacks (current obsession) but I notice it the most with exercise. Because I am on classpass and it runs out. Whomp whomp.

So, I've been really into barre workouts recently. Mostly because I like not sweating (and therefore feeling like I ruined a good hair day) which I can make last about a week if I don't sweat too heavily.

But also because I love a good tuck. I just love it. I feel like we don't tuck enough. We sit at our desks, at our computers, hip flexors tightened into right angles like angry little origami joints, never giving them the glorious release of engaging the much bigger muscle groups to which they hinge.

When you tuck correctly in a barre class you release your hip flexors and create opposition between those big juicy thigh muscles and the coveted "lower ab" region. The thighs being a huge muscle, they burn about a jillion calories when you tighten them. Engaging what fitness people call the "lower abs"(more accurately a sheath that runs from your hips to your ribcage called the transverse abdominals) acts as a natural corset - supporting your spine and just tightening up that whole area. They are glorious and also super hard to engage.

The tuck is a power move, in that it hits both of these areas AND, it's super freaking hilarious to do. It's Jane Fonda workout videos plus those club dudes from SNL rolled up into one motion. Chicks get hella serious in barew class, so to see them thrusting and tucking is pure joy. Well at least it is for me.

This is the first tuck of which the title refers to. This is the tuck that makes the second tuck possible. The one in which I tuck my camisole into my high waisted jeans, throw a belt around the whole package, and then go out in public with lower torso on full display. Without spanx or anything.

The third tuck is one I have developed a habit of recently because I can't find a freaking hair tie in my house to save my life. I feel like Fenway must be eating them or something. Where do they go??? Where??? So I've developed this cool/fun new habit of just tucking my hair into my jacket/turtleneck/sweater. I don't know why but I'm super into it and it makes me feel the same way that wearing my jacket as a cape does, but more practical. It was windy AF when I was trying to take these pictures and my Everlane bomber (NOW BACK IN STOCK!!!) was doing double duty as a hair tie/warmth provider.

And there you have it. Three tucks.

Blogging is hard, man.

Neoprene BomberTall Ripped High Waist Jeans | Vintage Gucci Belt | Sunglasses