Right now I am so into a roughed up, lived in, IDGAF attitude that seems to be running deliciously rampant through the media. My favorite part? A little (or a lot) of frizz is suddenly OK. Having battled the kinks in my hair for most of my life, it is shocking to be so effortlessly on trend.

 Guess what? You can be, too.

Lo and behold - the trend is just to let your hair do it's thing. Wash it sometimes. Or everyday if you want. Use shampoo. Don't. Throw it up. Braid it. Tuck it in your shirt if you can't find a hairthing.  Die it purple. Die your pixie blonde.  Get a hot shave. Whatever makes you happy.

To achieve this look. I washed my hair for the first time in 9 days. I did it 3 times (it was that gross!) I went to bed. I woke up with it still damp. It magically dried like this.  I had a magical 3 days.

Honestly, all I remember is throwing it up with some pins (still no hair thing in sight) and letting the sunset kiss my perfectly kinky, somewhat frizzy strands.

And if your hair doesn't frizz? Lucky, lucky you. Sleek strands are cool, too. In fact, it's basically whatever these days. Curls. Relaxed. Permed. Air dried. Blow dried. Curled. Straightened. Twisted. The bounty of options is only overwhelming if you let it be.

The most important part is that you only think about your hair as something good. Set the intention of rejoicing in whatever is or isn't on your head. Let those dead tubes of keratin occupy your mind only if it's fun for you and brings you joy.

That when the sunsets and the light is so warm it's honey and you're basically thinking, "man, my hair is awesome", in that moment, you are so on trend.