Thicker, longer lashes are fun. I still remember what it felt like to have no eyelashes, and it seems that since then I've become obsessed not only with growing them back, but also with getting them as thick and luscious as possible. I've tried Latisse (works but so pricey) and extensions (same, and also kind of heavy) all while looking for the holy grail product. Something that really works. That's easy to apply, and that is not going to require a choice between groceries for the week and lashes (hard choice.)

Then my BF told me about Rapidlash. She said, "My friend told me it works so well she had to trim her eyelashes. I just ordered it. You have to get it." So I did. I had just gotten eyelash extensions so I made the decision to wait until those grew out and see if I could somehow magically transition without anyone knowing. Great expectations for a lash serum to live up to.

And you know what? It did. My lashes look insane right now. They look fake. But they aren't. They are real. They are mine.

Rapidlash also gets points over Latisse because the application is so easy - it comes in a mascara like tube with a built in brush that applies the perfect amount to the lashline. Use it once a day before bed and get those trimmers ready! It's working so well in fact, that I just started using the Rapidbrow as well (I promise to report back on that soon.)


IMPORTANT NOTE: If you're doing regrowth from chemo make sure to check with your MD before you start using this!