When it comes to the inevitable transitioning of "seasons" going from Summer to Fall is one of my favorites (and not just because I come from the land of perpetual fall temperatures!) Summer to fall is the transition where the wardrobe expands - becomes more full, more luscious, more full of potential. Instead of shedding layers, packing things away, figuring out how to cool the body with less and less (or not, depending on where you live, but stay with me here.) In Fall you can still wear the cutoffs and skirts and dresses and sandals and flats from Spring and Summer, but now you get to layer in chunky knits, sweaters, jackets, scarves, booties, jeans - layers upon layers of possibility.

Never one to follow "rules" of fashion I wear white year round. This year, I plan to buck another tradition by carrying my beloved linen frocks into the Fall season. Linen, you gasp? Yes, linen. Linen, one could argue, is like silk in it's breathability and potential. It can be paired in just the right way to provide breathable warmth. It's natural, soft, thin and comfortable. With the right pairings (and cut) it can just scream falling leaves and temperatures.

Behold, my first attempt to make linen fall worthy. You can be the  ultimate judge of my success but I think this look is totally fall worthy, and works in the dress I just can't get enough of this year (as seen here, here, here, here you get the point.)

Here I've paired it with a charcoal jean jacket (thrifted, natch) and my beloved boots which have been sadly languishing just waiting for cooler temps to come out...