Who's shocked? I mean, the 90s have been slowly creeping towards the early aughts, dragging everything from chokers to a reissue of juicy couture sweatsuits with it. So why not the haircut so iconic it had a name - the poker straight but someone still voluminous hairdo, with choppy layers and highlights. The cut made famous by Jennifer Aniston as Rachel on friends.

But of course this version has been updated - "modernized" if you will. Instead of thin stripes of blonde, it is the ubiquitous ombré highlights that adorn the look - and they better be good ones too because straight hair is the true test of ombré (curls can hide so much!) Lo and behold, instead of dusting the shoulders it's extended - the lob to her bob. Only the blended layered ends, the paper straight stretched out smoothness, the crisp center part and face framing super long bangs are really true to the original Rachel. This is Rachel 2.0. This is the post millennium Rachel, and it in so many ways both more and less than its predecessor. 

The trick to achieving this look if your hair not pin straight is to invest in the high tech styling tools and products at your modern disposal (sorry curly girls, I don't think this one is for you) namely the sleekness possible because of the magical bond fixing power of olaplex, the proliferation of amazingly light hair oil for shine and smoothing, and a straightening iron. I recommend eschewing the round brush of old and instead using a flat square paddle brush (this one is infused with healing oil!) when you blow dry. This will give you stretch without bend, and work to prevent the helmet headed volume that makes the look dated. This is po-mo Rachel. This Rachel is more relaxed...like a California, smart-water hydrated Rachel. Like a Rachel who still spends a fortune on highlights and blowouts but now only washes her hair once a week. Like a Rachel who skipped her last haircut or three, and instead of letting the ends dust her shoulder tops, brushes them back (so as not to cover her enviable tan and collarbones.) 

Anybody who lived through the Rachel can see and feel how this look is a clear homage to the stories predecessor. Feel it in the soreness of your wrists from wielding the heat tools, the crispness of your hair after, the shiny cap that work an so perfectly with vintage white tees and other 90s dresses. 

 Have slip dress, will travel.