Let's be honest - sometimes getting dressed feels like more work than it's worth.  In those times I turn to my uniform. The uniform is as follows: whatever my trendiest shoe is** + a soft loose baggy shirt  + my most flattering jeans + trendy accessory. Within this formula there is so much room to play around that it never looks repetitive even though it is ultimately incredibly formulaic. It can be a rock and roll t-shirt, or the chambray shirt seen here (and in so many blog posts for the last 4 years) or a camisole or a cotton ribbed tank top or a peasant top or whatever, it just has to be loose around my middle and feel soft to the touch. The jeans that I find flattering change almost daily, but these RTA ones are hard to beat because they are thick and flattering but also stretchy pull on leggings, plus they have that cool open bottom. Right now, the trendy accessory that really gets me going is a choker, because the 90s are back and also I have this skin tag on my neck I hate but it's too small to be removed (how is that a thing? IDK ask my doctor.)

Anyways, throw a choker on it. Trust me - it's lazy fashion but it works.

Here you see me with greasy pulled back hair, almost no makeup, what is essentially slippers and a Canadian tuxedo but the addition of the magical neck thing makes it into an outfit. Like my laziness is actually that elusive IDGAF attitude I am always trying to cultivate (oh, I see the irony there, trust me.)

This particular choker is amber acrylic and from my favorite boutique in Chicago. It can be worn forward as shown, or backward for a cool open prong khaleesi/xena warrior princess-eque vibe. It's not so precious that I am scared to damage it or break it, but unique enough to be an eye-catching statement. I will most likely lose/break/get sick of it by the time this choker thing has worn itself out again, as trends ultimately do, but for now it just magically pulls it all together.

Such is the power of throwing a choker on it. The end.***

**Since I wear shoes out, I feel totally justified in updating them each season - the cost per wear usually pans out and having whatever the "it" shoe is allows me to do things like wear the same chambray, ripped to shreds shirt for half a decade and still feel relevant.

***What do you think is lazier - this blog post or the formula? Tough call right.