Known to insiders as the "Batman" mask, this is part of the ever expanding sheet mask family. The texture of the "sheet" is actually a gel - like a smooth, hydrating fruit roll up packed with a potent serum that detoxes and moisturizes. It feels so good on your face, like someone is gently holding their hands against you and pushing the serum deep into your skin. It also comes in two pieces for a better fit - the top part ends at your nose and covers half your cheeks (hence the Batman mask) while the second part wraps from under your nose to chin. This gives a tighter, more comfortable fit which keeps even more of the precious serum from evaporating wastefully in the air. It's perfect for when you are breaking out but you have dry and/or sensitive skin that needs to get back to a place of balance.

Shangpree Charcoal Hydrogel Mask