When did glossy lips fall out of Vogue? The mid 2000s? The 2010s? Slowly, without realizing it was happening, the beloved sticky glosses of my early teens through 20s began to be replaced with matte pencils, matte lipsticks, even matte lip balms (hello beloved balm.com that imparts moisture without a hint of shine or gloss.) How ironic that a brand called "Glossier" would be the purveyor of my favorite host of matte products? But I digress, as is my custom.

As I peruse the blogs, everyone from Refinery29 to Into the Gloss is slowly starting to herald the return of the glossy lip. And why not? Gloss gives lips volume, it is sparkly, it is fun and youthful. My husband wont kiss me if my lips have even a hint of balm, so why not go full bore and slick on the beloved thick and pout enhancing glosses of my youth? The answer is there is no reason.

So it's back.

Here I am wearing a super fun color from Smith & Cult Lip Gloss  (yes I love the name) in a color aptly named Life in Photographs. Why so apt? Because it bestows upon the wearer a photographically pleasingly apparent shine, with the added benefit of a plump pouty effect that I think looks amazing in pictures. See evidence above. It is as thick and glossy as the formulas of my youth but not sticky, if that makes any sense at all. It does feel like I'm wearing something (perhaps a coat of armor against the dryness of cooling temperatures?) but my lips don't stick together, or to my hair for that matter.

I can't wait to try out other formulas (there's a lot of oil based versions making their way down the pipeline!)

PRO TIP: If you line the outside of your lips with concealer on a little brush it creates a barrier that prevents the gloss from sliding all over the place. I didn't do that hear but I read about and I plan to try it soon.