This weekend I tried to make a GRWM talk-through video - needless to say it was a FIRST ATTEMPT, and it is hilarious in it's badness. It was so bad youtube literally would not upload it** but the pictures I took look amazing, so I decided to stay in my lane and just make a written list instead.

Here's the story - I had my hormone therapy (love, chemical menopause) and my chin was like WRWEBAJHBIEJF JKGBBJE and broke out like crazy. I have a serious picking problem so I proceeded to make it a gabillion times worse, because when you pick at them they just spread and then pop up in new and horrible places.

So, fortunately for me I am a makeup badass and can effectively camouflage those beasts - at least I only feel like a pimply face nightmare version of myself.

Here's what I have learned:

1. When you put the foundation on with a beautyblender you need to tap it on, not smear. When you tap it on you put this very thin, natural layer of product and you can use the tiniest bit and it's awesome. When you smear you basically then spend all your time removing the extra product to "blend" it and it's a huge waste of product, not to mention not giving that natural texture which is what makes the stupid sponge so awesome anyways.

2. Foundation first, then concealer. Depending on the blemish it will either want to be covered by a finger or a brush. Fingers work best when you are a good, virtuous skin owner who doesn't pick, because the finger will "keep" some of the pigment preventing over application. If you pick you will need to use a synthetic brush, which will give you the thickest, most smoothing application of the pigment.

3. Set with powder. I like to put way too much on then buff it off. I also like to apply it with my fingers (again depending on how much coverage I need...)

4. Distraction method! When my chin is a nightmare I love to do a big thick brow and go totally fierce on the cheekbones - bronzer chiseled, glazed donut shimmer, peachy flushed dew bomb from the nose up. But mostly those big thick grows. I've been growing mine out for awhile now so with the help of a waterproof brow pencil, super intense brow fillerand brow mascara I can fake some serious volume. I just read something that said thick brows were a sign of youth and vitality. PFFFT. Where was this data when I was in middle school and wanted a Greta Garbo pencil line?!? Anyways, fake it till you make it.

5. Bonus distraction method: sheer top with colored bra that matches your bracelet. Face? What face.

**This may have been because of bandwidth or something but after the third failed attempt I gave up...