I'm so proud of the deals I find in secondhand stores. There is nothing that makes me happier than sharing just how cheaply I was able to acquire some coveted article. It's like treasure hunting for the urban adventurer. While I have already shared my secrets for how to shop for second hand, how to find amazing cutoff shorts and even all the crazy ways I've broken in vintage denim, but I never talked about the glory and wonder of the men's section at the thrift store.

Men's sections are just ripe with amazing finds. Sometimes when I'm killing time selling clothes I will move clothes from the men's to the women's to watch them get instantly plucked up. They should hire me. I've done this like 5 times, it's a fun game for me. But I digress.

This acne denim jacket with the perfect softness and stretch that is magically fitted and long? Why, it's a men's small. It was $20.  I've found most of my whisper thin t-shirts this way, as well as some button downs. All those cutoffs started off as men's jeans.

Now granted, I am 5'10. I weigh 159 pounds right now. So I started shopping in men's out of necessity. Men's small is just the right size for my body by the numbers. Men have yet to be afflicted by the dreaded crop top (which is basically just a bra on me anyways...) I can wear a 7 in Men's/Big Kids shoes. It's awesome what I can find in that little corner of my neighborhood crossroads.

Recently on pinterest I've been coveting the rocker shirt look. Not being a huge heavy metal rock fan, I have browsed but not acquired shirts of that ilk. But I wanted one, because there is something so freaking tomboy sexy chic about a little mini skirt and a black vintage tee with some attitude. Lo and behold, while browsing the racks of my new neighborhood crossroads I came upon this wonder. Men's small. The perfect fitted but not slutty cut and a nice long length. $12. And just look them all their in all their Greatness. Now this shirt was meant for me.

I paired it with this denim mini skirt I made from a pair of giant men's jeans. I just cut them off in a straight line below the zipper and then destroyed them (tweezers and a Gossip Girl marathon are denim's best friend) picking out the white part. I saw that little hole on the right side on a skirt that Sincerely Jule's used to wear a lot and created my own by making a horizontal incision with a knife and then very carefully picking out the white horizontal threads. I repeated the process on the whole by the left pocket, making sure to line it up with the pocket hole so my skin wouldn't peak through. Hours of work picking at threads but so worth it.

The whole outfit pictured** is in fact thrifted (I got the IRO jacket on The Real Real but you can also find it new in this amazing drooly sky blue color)  and I am proud of it not only for looking awesome but also for not spending a stupid amount of money on it. That's my kind of quest.

Hit up the men's section on your next thrifting adventure for jean jackets,  paper thin graphic and plain t-shirts, thick pants for mini skirts and cutoffs, sweaters (oversized or more fitted - most sweaters can be shrunk in hot water) and backpacks. Let me know if you find something good!

**Except for the sunglasses which are part of my Ditto endless subscription.