I've been growing my eyebrows out since the end of April. Every time I google it, or look it up in pictures, I see great before and after shots but never the process of during. I've realized this is where most people stumble. Because they think "Oh, this hair is so low below my brow bone it won't matter if I pluck it!" But they are wrong. So very, very wrong. Growing your eyebrows out is like growing your hair out - there's a heinous, awkward, unavoidable part in the middle and apparently nobody else wants to take pictures of it and put it on the internet. The new growth starts so low it feels like it's basically coming from your eyelid. You want so so bad to pluck it. It grows longer leaving a beached section of stubby little hairs separated by a noticeable trough of skin poking through. This is when most people give up, this is when it becomes hard, this is when the lure of the tweezers is unavoidable and men start asking what's going on with your facial hair situation. THIS IS WHEN YOU MUST PERSEVERE. Pencil it in. Use a brow tint.** It's only a month and then suddenly your brows are amazing and thick and on fleek or whatever. Power on.

I did not set out to take these pictures but found myself compiling them for a friend who didn't understand why her growing out wasn't working. It's because those "low hairs" were the sproutlings of the thick hair she wanted. They just needed time to reach their destiny.

**Full disclosure: I used some latisse on my brows during the month of June in an attempt to speed the process. I'm not sure it did anything since the hairs seemed to grow faster in July/August when I ran out and stopped using it. Not enough data to make a full conclusion on if it's worth it.