If you want to see how I cover a pimple there's a handy video for that, but this post is about what I call the "distraction" method. I've been using it with certain aplomb since college. The idea is simple - nobody will notice that Mt. Everest has erupted on my chin because they will be too busy looking elsewhere. It's benefits are twofold, draw the eye elsewhere and give myself a little extra self esteem boost. Because they also serve to make me feel better about myself and help me cope with life's inevitable tragedies bumps, I will also employ these strategies when I need a pick-me-up, whether it be acne or some other horrible thing (ahem, cancer, ahem.)

1. Give myself an awesome Faux Tan
You can follow that link to read all about my favorite product picks for body, or check out my new favorite for face but let's focus not on how I achieved the nice toasty golden shade pictured here - been there done that. Let us instead take a step forward and enjoy the overall gestalt. A nice glow always serves to give me a boost. I also feel, and this might just be me, that the outdoorsy health of a sun kissed look counteracts the yucky feeling of having an infected pore on your face. Plus when I'm tan I'm less likely to pick at my skin and more likely to get on with my life.

2. Wear a sexy top
Face? What face? This top is a perennial favorite, and when I wear it I'm pretty sure nobody is looking at my chin. I sometimes think I am too honest with you guys.

3. Workout
Not only does it serve to help detox your skin by sweating out toxins, but that endorphin rush is definitely my drug of choice for when I am not feeling good about myself. My favorite quick boost is this super hard 8 minute arm workout without weights by Tracey Anderson which I have been doing for almost a decade. I swear you can see instant results! Yes, I know that's not possible, don't burst my bubble...

4. Fun, Bright, Colorful, Distracting Accessories
Not only do they draw the eye away, they bring me joy whenever I look at them. I mean how can you not look at this vintage neon straw clutch or this stack of candy bracelets or this fun leather choker and not just smile? They bring me so much joy.

5. Hair did. 
I am not an advocate for hiding behind your hair, or even relying on it as a beauty mechanism - but there is something so soothing and pampering and delightful about having a thick lather on your scalp, taking a few extra minutes to really scrub at the roots. There is pleasure in however you choose to play with your hair. Sure, the results can be awesome, but it's the process that is most important here. Treat yourself to a blowout, or DIY it at home by taking extra time to cleanse and massage the scalp or leave on a deep conditioning mask.

(and yes, if you look closely you can see the big honking thing on my chin - I did not edit these photos. But do you really need to look?!?)