Le Matte 104 by L'oreal

Got to love an amazing drugstore find. You may recognize these pics this product from this post, but I thought this $9 drugstore find was worth a call out of it's own.

It came into being that right before the wedding I realized I wanted a more powerful lip to go with my very neutral dress/palette, and also I had just had chemo and wasn't feeling best ever - nothing can bring out a sickly pallor like pale lips. Not feeling that my beloved sheers were doing the job I took a field trip to the CVS next door to our hotel and dumped 3 different lip pencils and 3 different lipsticks into my cart. (Well, first I did a ton of research on Pinterest but then I couldn't find anything!)

This one was a last minute impulse buy, located on one of those cardboard stands in the corner where they put newer products that don't have a hole yet in the plexiglass regular stock.

I went back to the hotel. I put on a lot of lipstick. I made my poor poor husband comment on all of them. This one was the clear and decided victor. So much so that aforementioned husband (who hates lipstick) actually deemed this one "sexy." Insert dancing girl emoji here.

What makes this lipstick so special? Well let me break it down.

It's very similar in texture to a Nars matte pencil, but chubbier, no sharpening required, and a small fraction of the price. It goes on thick, waxy in a good way, but most decidedly not flaky - a sweet spot hard to find in the world of mattes. When it fades away (which is does, much faster than the NARS, but whatever, reapply it!) it is without the dreaded clumps, you know those patchy spots that make your lips look patchy and dry and gross. It has no smell (very important to my husband) and because of all the above, has the magic effect of plumping lips.

The shade pictured is 104, which is a flamingo pink that is somehow a little neon but not too '80s. They call it "Game, Set, Matte" which is impossible for me to remember. Either way, next time you're in the drugstore look for this little wonder - Le Matte, oui oui. ;)