But Dena, I can hear you thinking - you've been raving about Ouai forever and your hair is also wavy. Don't you have anything new to write about? Well here's the thing - ever since I went back to my dark brown "natural" color, and did the Olaplex, my hair has just been too smooth and healthy to get a good wave. You need a little crunch, a little grit, a little frizz, a little dirt, to get a good wave. My hair was hanging limp as an over cooked ramen noodle. So when I ducked into a Sephora to get a break from the unrelenting 90 degree heat and saw they had the much beloved Wave Spray miraculously in stock, into my basket it went. Then I walked around browsing while every single sales person there gushed effusively about how awesome it is when they spotted it.

So, no pressure, but there was a lot of expectation here.

When I got home I soaked in a nice luke warm tub, did some internal and external hydrating, and then followed my standard routine for my once a week hair wash - olaplex step 3, shampoo, condition, oil. When I got out of the tub I lightly sprayed my hair with the wave spray, combed it gently with my fingers and forgot about it. I did not take advantage of the insane Chicago humidity both because I was sick of it, and for the sake of the experiment. I sprayed it again before bed (mostly because I loved the smell) and then when I woke up this morning I anxiously ran to the mirror.


It worked.

I have tried about a million wave sprays and tolerated to strongly disliked most of them. Mostly it's the crunchy texture I despise, but also just what they did to my weird little poodle waves. It seemed the only thing that could give me beachy waves easily might be the actual beach. And a curling iron. And dumb luck.

But it appears that is not to be my fate. The innovative formula (it uses oils and waxes instead of salt or sugar like most other sprays) is not sticky. It also doesn't fully get rid of frizz, something I think beachy waves need just a little bit of. I will try it with my curling iron and report back, but I anticipate a long and happy relationship with this wave spray. Hashtag Ouai addicted. Now who can teach me how to pronounce it?

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HAIR: Clean Shampoo, Volume Conditioner, Hair Oil, Wave Spray all by Ouai
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NAILS: Essie Ballet Slipper