The surprising versatility of the newest addition to the "cool girl" arsenal are basically dresses that have been cut in half to show a sliver of middle. Beyond the irrefutable body confidence this requires (cool) there is something about magically looking both put together and not (literally and figuratively) which harnesses the effortlessness of coolgirldom. Plus, you basically get three outfits for the price of one. Here I demonstrate this phenomenon by showing the same two piece worn two very different ways, with completely different results. Perfect for a little roadtrip where you want to be that cool girl who didn't overpack but magically has so many different outfits. 

Featured: Reformation Azalea Two Piece(don't worry if it's sold out, they are always making new ones with barely noticeable differentiation and whatever deadstock crepe they can get their hands on. They even have their own dedicated two piece section on their website. 

WAY 1: As a sweet, but not saccharine floral dress on a hot day 

WAY 2: California girl AF with cutoffs, athleisure sandals and a saucy attitude. 
The trick is to never let them see the button.