Ever since I did my major purge, and then "moved" to Chicago,  I've been continuing to live a lifestyle of purging, buying fewer/better things and trying to keep my space free from clutter. A big part of that has been not just editing what I do and buy - but also the media I consume. Less "this seasons hot new thing" more "how to wear this thing you already have in a fresh new way". Less "this thing is on sale" emails and more Shira Gill.

When a friend asked me for who to follow on Pinterest for homespo, Shira was my much lauded answer. When I get the urge to buy all the things on overstock I revisit this post, or this one. While I may never be a minimalist, I am the closest I will ever be to a "capsule wardrobe" which has allowed me to visit SF on a whim with only a backpack.

So even though I don't have kids (yet, fingers crossed) I was so excited to hear that she had released her first online "resource" (so much cooler and easier to read than a bunch of books, and of course, no clutter!) Whether or not you have kids, you might want to discover this organizational guru now, so you can be cool and tell all your friends you knew her when...

with BONUS: How to Style Your Closet Like a Boutique 

images from Shiragill.com slash this is her actual house (SO MUCH ENVY)