I first read this trick in a magazine, way before there was a pinterest. I have since combed the over saturated world of pins looking for same but have not found it, so I decided to create it for myself. It's not precision work but it does require a little confidence and several eyeshadow shades (I used the tartlet palette which is awesome!)

Allow me to break it down for you.

1. Line your eyes with liquid liner (optional) I like to give the shadow something to stick to and I like to have a little extra on the lashes for depth, but it's personal preference. The original version of this I read way back when did not include this step.

2. Apply a medium shadow (something like a light brown or gray, the middle shade) into the outer corner of your eye from the lash line to slightly above the crease. You can really just dab it on and then blend it inwards, trying to taper down as you go towards the inner eye.

3. Apply a light shadow from the inner corner of the eye outward. Blend it into that medium shade with your finger or a brush if you want to be fancy.

4. Apply the darkest shade you're using into the crease just on the outside where the medium shade is. Use whatever is left on the brush to softly reline the lash line and the bottom lashes on the outer corner. Less is more here.

5. Apply mascara.

BOOM. Done.

It takes a little practice to figure out the best placement for the shadow, so I recommend playing a little when the stakes are low until you figure out what works best for your individual shade. Selfies help with this. The most important part of the optical illusion is really the dark on the outside and the light on the inside. It also should be a little smudgy and well blended, so it looks like shadows on your face, not like a crazy smoky eye.

Since I have brown eyes I like to use a dark purply brown for the darkest color, it's the most flattering. Blue eyes look awesome with a dark blue grey, green eyes really pop with a golden tone, but finding the right shades for you is also a little trial and error.

I strongly prefer matte palettes because you can always add sparkle on top, but you can't remove it from a sparkly shadow. Bobbi brown makes the best sparkle layering pigments, silver moon is my go-to.

P.S. You might recognize the t-shirt from this post. It's from Reformation, and it's my current fave.