I'm noticing a them in the readings that the universe is sending my name right now and it's all about self-introspection. Unpacking my own actions, living in my gratitude, opening my eyes to the greatness around me, not being covetous of others or using their successes as flagellates for my own failures. I wish I could say living my life with gratitude is easy, but even with the word on my wrist where I see it a million times I day, I am constantly having to remind myself. I have to dig deep to find it, especially when there are things I want so very much (a baby) which I cannot have in the "traditional" way. Instead if being grateful for how healthy I really am, and all the things I can do, I find myself focusing on what it cannot. I am going to allow myself one more day to wallow in my pity and then I'm going to  acknowledge the validity of these feelings but also gently start feeding the other wolf. Until then enjoy these, hopefully as much as I did. 

On opening up to success and accepting abundance...

"When we live in the feeling there is not enough we start to covet what others have as well as hide and protect what we deem as ours. This is the opposite of how Lakshmi works. The more you give, the more she gives back. Your ability to truly give to others mirrors your own ability to give to yourself. You must be willing to be patient, compassionate, and honor yourself fully as well as recognize and give these same gifts of love to another being.

Making Room for Abundance

When I started to really get to know Lakshmi, the gifts she holds – both spiritual and material, I began to excavate the bones of my past. I can pray all day to Lakshmi, write about her, light candles honor, chant her name 108 times and this may help me to notice the beauty of a sunset, the smile of my son, or help appreciate dinner my husband cooked, but deeper, long-lasting inner work is up to me. To invite in beauty and abundance, she asks each of us to dig deep into our shadow side and start pulling up weeds.

Many Blessings

Honoring Lakshmi, I began to take stock of how I felt at monetary exchanges. When I quoted private session prices to clients or received payments I realized at my core I felt I was not worthy of the money. When I would spend money on groceries or goods, I would have buyer’s remorse and become ashamed that I spent too much. After a while I understood this shame and embarrassment was an undercurrent in all areas of my life. I undervalued myself and I was closed off to fully receiving Lakshmi’s abundance. To open yourself up to receiving the abundance gifted by this Golden Goddess is to notice the way you react when you do receive her blessings. As a goddess who likes cleanliness, Lakshmi will not be found in disorganization and clutter. Lakshmi asks that we all do the inner cleaning to not only understand the roots of our greed, jealousy, and self-doubt but to also acknowledge these parts of ourselves.

Lakshmi does not care about your race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, age, or gender. Rather she appears to those who practice gratitude. When you cultivate gratitude you began to align inner and outer beauty. Show you care about yourself, the world around you, and the beauty in your life. Honor the gifts you receive and give from your heart and Lakshmi becomes a devoted friend."

(July 23 to August 22)
If you suddenly gained the ability to remember in every moment that people are thinking about themselves more than they are thinking about you, and that it’s human nature to self-obsess, you would be heartbroken at first. Then you would be heartbroken less often than you are now. Then you would be set free.