If you're like me and you spend all your time on the internet, then you may have noticed this thing that started happening recently. It began with the Manrepeller - as these kind of cool girl avante garde normcore things tend to do, but has since trickled into more mainstream media ala Refinery29. By the end of this global climate change enduced heat wave riddled summer I predict you will be seeing more and more of this. You can even buy this look, but like, pre-made and sewn up and tailored and on purpose - like this $965 blouse from Johanna Ortiz currently for sale on Net-A-Porter.

It combines a lot of elements that have been getting heavy play by the fashion-ey types - normcore (from the use of something mundane like a collared, button down shirt)  + IDGAF (I'm gonna tie it all weird judge me if you want)  + Oversized bell sleeves + shoulder baring + let's be honest it's kind of flattering in a weird way. It's something Carrie Bradshaw would do with Big's shirt, which is basically where fashion is headed as we swing dramatically towards the millenium from the current 90s fever.

So, I read this Man Repeller article and she was like "You just put this here and then do this and voila!" and I tried it. I failed. I tried it a bunch. I did not get it. Then finally I tried it again and I got it but my shirt was too small (let's be honest - Leandra is teeny tiny) and so I took one of Steve's shirts... And I did it! And then I did it a few more times and decided to make a video so you can do it, too.  Not everyone has a few hours to comb the internet to learn how to insouciantly tie an oversized shirt. And that is the key here, the shirt must be oversized. If it fits your arm, it's probably not going to fit around your waist, with a few exceptions.

What's awesome about this look is that it is kind of versatile. Walk of shame? No problem, steal his shirt and you are brunch ready. Beach to bar? Same. Plus I love a good oversized shirt as a bathing suit cover up so you're just saving space in that bag for more sunscreen.