Do I even need to write anything here? Wasn't the title descriptive enough? Ok, fine. The olaplex is working awesome, and it finally cooled down enough that I could do something other than just air dry and then work a crunchy, sweaty pony. Also this shirt came which I am obsessed with, and which I have been told roughly translates into IDGAF, which is the kind of rad, badass energy I want to channel. Been caring a little too much about what other people think recently and it's time to let that go. Also this shirt is so freaking soft and comfy it's like a hug from silk covered baby angels.

But back to the hair. I've been doing a lot of things recently in terms of trying to be healthy because my lupron (aka chemical hysterectomy) was freaking brutal this time around. It really knocked me on my ass and made me feel terrible. All the side effects. All of them. I try not to complain to much but the mood swings and anxiety and hot flashes were turning me into my evil twin, Trina. She's a witch.

I also found a grey eyelash hair. How is that even possible?

So to help myself through this time of tribulation I've been doing all the things. All of them. I've been taking a shot of lemon juice mixed with immunity drops and B vitamin drops every morning. I've been oil pulling with coconut oil. Taken antibiotics. Re-probioticing afterwards. I've been drinking Yogi Tea Skin Detox & Detox Tea everyday. I've been drinking peppermint tea everyday.  I've been mainlining fluids like it's my job. Logging what I eat. Watching my macros. Using minoxidil every night. The Olaplex. The aforementioned lack of heat styling. Sticking mostly to the high protein diet I know makes me feel the best. Working out pretty intensely (barre, megaformer and  bootcamp class) until I couldn't tell if my body aches were from the drugs or just old fashioned hard work.  I hugged my puppy and my husband a lot. I shared a lot of articles about systemic racism on my facebook. I was kind to strangers on the street. I slept a lot.

The result of all of this culminated in thick shiny hair. Dream hair. The hair I wished for before chemo, and which I will never take for granted again. The kind of hair that helps remind me just how lucky I actually am.

I cannot even tell you how to get this hair so please enjoy the pictures.

Reformation Tee