I've been flying a lot recently,to see family friends and doctors from CHI to SF and back again. I feel like at this point I've gotten it down to a fine art - so much so that on a recent round trip I was able to go straight from the airport to an impromptu yacht cruise around the lake, without skipping a beat. With two very different climates, I am pretty proud of myself for mastering this. Hot & humid Chicago, to frigid arid plane, then foggy medium SF and back again could do a number on your skin (and your immune system, and your mental health.) But with a few key items I have found that the cross-country commute is not so bad. This is what I stock to keep my skin plump and dewy, my eyes depuffed, my self sickness and germ free, and my general psyche as upbeat as possible.

Here's whats worth the precious space in my carry on:
  1. Sheet Masks (whatever looks good, I'm always switching them up)
  2. Shangpree Gold Black Pearl Hydrogel Eye Masks (they fit perfectly under my sleep mask, and also work anywhere I feel like putting them on my face) 
  3. Moisturizers (yes multiple: current favorites are the Glossier Moon Mask, Priming MoisturizerAromatica Rose Absolute Vital Cream,& Lagom Mild Moisture Cream)
  4. Hand & Body Cream (obsessed with Body Silk by French Girl Organics)
  5. Balm Dot Com in many many flavors (I use it for nails, face, lips, wherever) 
  6. Moisturizing Mist or my favorites from P&L or Glossier decanted into a travel bottle  
  7. Charcoal Sleep Mask (all things charcoal, all the time)
  8. Comfy Noise Cancelling Headphones
  9. Thin Poncho Shawl (that doubles as a scarf and blanket)
  10. Ginger candies (for nausea/airsickness)
  11. Immunity drops from Pressed Juicery  
  12. Healthy Snack Bars
  13. Samples (Peach & Lily gives amazing ones, as does Sephora
  14. Reusable water bottle 
  15. Extra phone batteries and cords
  16. Ultra Moisturizing Sun Cream (for after the flight) 
  17. Pink bubble bags for organizing (I've also been known to use them as pillows as well)
All tucked into a minimalist backpack plus sneakers on my feet for even weight distribution and easy walking.  Other things that always go in the carry-on: medicine and any jewelry. You want them close but also they are the most common things stolen from checked bags, not that I've checked a bag since one of mine got lost in Israel 14 years ago, but lesson learned.

The samples are mostly psychological - I'm treating myself to something fun which helps me look forward to a plane flight, plus I'm sure the extra moisture doesn't hurt, but it's helpful to have something to do and since I can't read (I get airsick) putting yummy potions on my face feels like a good option.

In addition I've stopped carrying full sized bottles of my daily routine. There's a lot of them, and I'm pretty sure I'd lose one of my precious babies, and they are heavy. So if the trip is less than 3 days I decant them into these tiny plastic containers, which came in a set of 25 for $6 and which I also reuse. I mark their contents on the lid with a sharpie.

What am I missing? What's in your travel "go bag"?