I love Athleisure. Like, who was it that decided that sneakers were totes fashion, because I want to give them a big kiss and a parade and a freaking cookie. I hope this trend never dies. It will, but like all good trends there will be those of us who cling to them well into our later years. This might be mine. Sneakers as capital F Fashion, yes please! In fact, I like to think I was an early adopter, as someone who in fact wore sneakers to my prom.

But I digress. While the appeal of this trend is it's effortlessness and comfort (ballcaps, sneakers, backpacks) there are definitely ways to elevate the look so that it is, if nothing else, more flattering. Here are the tips and tricks I often employ, from a variety of sources, to make my "athleisure" look less "I came from the gym and forgot to bring a change of shoes" and more "I am a cool, effortless and easy fashion blogger type chick."

1) Wear black. The bright pops of color that go hand and hand with sportswear look more curated and elegant against a monochrome background. To whit, if I wear brightly colored shoes the rest of my outfit is in shades of cream/white/black. My go-to is the crisp white sneaker paired with all black (skirt, dress, pants + top) because I think it looks so clean and chic. Yes, I spend my entire life covered in dog hair, ask me if I care :P

2) Learn to love ball caps (here are my tips) because they are the cheapest and most portable sun protection. I wear them not because I adore them, or even think they are that cool, but because they protect my precious skin from sun. I have them scattered in all my purses and bags, around the house especially by the door, and in the car. Throwing on a hat is the best thing you can do for your skin and calling it "athleisure" is just another excuse to go there. I find they look particularly adorable when used to top what I affectionately dub my "lion hair" ie damp and/or slightly frizzy/very wavy hair that would be a little bit OOC if not for the restraint of the cap. Which also helps keep it out of your face when it's windy (hello Chicago and SF I am looking at you!)

3) Show your shape. I am a curvy curvy little tomboy, and I think there is something very appealing about the contrast between boyish pieces and womanly softness. Recently I asked my mom if I looked like an 8 year old boy (I was wearing a very boxy top) and she said "Yes, but I very cute little boy." If that's not your thing, a little form-fitting will go a long way. More so, I firmly believe jeans either need to be cropped to show the narrowest part of your ankle (as shown) or long enough to cover part of the sneaker. This eliminates the whole M&M look (skinny legs, BIG white shoes) by magically making all the proportions right. If you look at pictures you'll start to notice it. I love me a whisper thin tee, because they are sexy while also being breathable and comfortable AF. The DL1961 jeans have some voodoo magic called 3-way stretch which makes them insanely comfortable for walking, long flights, life, and also helps them stay fresh and sag free for longer.

4) Pass on the overdone makeup. In this picture I am wearing nothing but sunscreen and a little lip balm. Nothing ruins a good athleisure look like a red lip (trust me, I've tried it!)  If you're not a Kardashian you most likely cannot pull off contouring and Athleisure, IMHO.

5) Stand up straight. You're not bogged down by an awkward bag or uncomfortable shoes. Treat your spine to some good posture, it will make you look amazing. I immediately deleted all the pictures where I was slumping because I looked awful, but if I was less vain I would totally illustrate the point here. Just trust me. Shoulders back and down, belly button in towards the spine, feel your abs wrapping around your torso and helping to support your weight. It's not called athletic leisure for nothing.

Ball Cap | Everlane Whisper Tank | Victoria's Secret Wireless Nude Bra | DL1961 Emma Ankle Jeans | White Nike Tanjun Sneaker