First off let me start by saying this dress is CHAMPAGNE. I realized during the full spectrum of glorious sunset lighting that it doesn't always show just how nude it is (not white, blush or cream) and will most likely dye it more pink before my next wedding. The gorgeous bride signed off on it, and rightly so, because I was of absolutely no threat to her in her sultry, lacy, glowing, unmistakable bridal glory.

I love wearing a long dress for several reasons - 1) you can get away with a thinner, more breathable fabric without being too "sundress" for a wedding 2) it is so elegant and decadent (like wine country) 3) nobody can tell you're wearing flat sandals. Your hem will not be clean but it will be worth it.

Napa weddings are fun marathons. There will be walking, hills, dirt, pebbles and other shoe obstacles. Weather will swing from unbearable hot to cold to the perfect temperate breeze and back again - in the course of an hour. There will be hours upon hours of delight and you do not want your revelry thwarted by temperature discomfort (hot or cold) or footwear induced laziness and sitting.

Because Napa during the day in wedding season is scorching and or breezy, an updo is a safe bet. Tousled beachy waves also do well. My sweet spot is off  my back, under control and somehow magically still tousled and country chic. I followed this tutorial to get the bun you see here but I would say it's even simpler than the tutorial implies. You make a ponytail, flip it inside itself 90s style, tuck the ends into the flip with bobbie pins, et voila.  Pair with some kind of statement jewelry (I opted for my beloved wrap choker in white double length) and some glam sunglasses and then some layers that can provide sun, wind, and cold protection. I definitely opted for flat sandals (you can't see them anyways!) and both a scarf and leather jacket for the cool time before the dancing starts.

This dress was SO fun and twirly I swear it upped my dance floor game a solid 5+ points (and I come pretty strong.) The wedding was really really really fun. And gorgeous. But I am not giving you spoilers so instead I did this little photoshoot with my booski (that's him in his jammies) and my cool/weird Flamingo hotel.

Makeup was my usual - my favorite foundation. Glossier Haloscope in QUARTZ + TOPAZ plus cherry balm dot com on cheeks, stretch concealer and boy brow, plus a new lipstick (Le Matte 104) which I will be writing about in much more detail soon. 

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