As we descend ever closer to my birthday, I've been thinking a lot about how 32 feels a lot like 22, and also maybe like 72 (or maybe that's just me?) So I thought, in honor of that auspicious celebration of aging a year older, I'd make a list of a few simple things that make me proud to be an adult, or at least adult like. Adultish? I digress. Here's that list:

1. Knowing how to dress for my body
Gawd, if there was some hard won lesson on this list it would be this one. I cringe when I look at my younger self who had it so easy in so many ways and yet chose to wear. I can't even. You know what I mean. There's all kinds of things I know now: loyalty to designers who get my body, how to get something tailored (or do it myself), the art and magic of second hand shopping... My figure is not as good as it was 10 years ago, but it has never looked better. 

2. Knowing how to follow a recipe
I feel like I can cook almost anything. I don't. But that's a choice. I also know which recipes I will enjoy following, and my loyalty to these chef slash authors is surpassed only by my loyalty to the aforementioned authors.  

3. Knowing how to dress for occasions
I am definitely that person that has never been able to have fun at something if I am not wearing the right thing. This includes a complex and overlaying set of factors that include - temperature comfort and adjustability for shifting weather, footwear, style, level of dressiness, color-coordinating with environment and other guests, not standing out in pictures because of previous factors, and overall comfort/danceability. Woof, right? Best of all, I have learned that if I don't know it's ok to ask. 

4. Having an apartment I am proud of, that feels like home 
It's currently hitting a moving target but I now own a collection of things that make me feel proud to photograph and share my living space. I love my bed so much. 

5. Knowing how to take care of myself
Inside and out