I've been doing some major new city exploring and when I came across a store that sells locally made beauty, I basically lost an hour of my life. The very cute and helpful shop girl steered me towards a cute but innocuous looking nautical vile hiding in one of the bountifully stocked shelves full of goodies. As she described the miracle powder (a blend of charcoal and fruit acids) that fizzes up on your skin to dissolve pore clogging gunk a lightbulb went off - could this possibly be the solution to the arm bumps plaguing me?

I bought it (and an adorable handmade watermelon soap that makes my whole bathroom smell like heaven just with its presence.) 

Then I got scared. Would this be too intense? Would I break out in a horrible rash? Did I just waste $15? 

With an impending plane flight to SF looming (a 24 round trip to get chemo) this seemed a perfect time to test it. It would be cold enough to hide any hideous reactions with long sleeves and then I would hibernate until I recovered from treatment. Perfect. 

So I placed a small dollop of the powder in the palm of my hand and added a few drops of water. It instantly bubbled up into a frothy tingling mixture which I quickly smeared on my upper arms and my face. I used a tiny amount (about the size of a dime for each arm, maybe a quarter for my whole face) and then followed with moisturizer (amlactin, which I've been using for the same purpose for about two weeks with not much result) and hopped on a plane. This morning I woke up... And the bumps are gone. GONE. I kid you not. I wish I had my camera with me. Photos coming soon. Even one particularly juicy black one I almost picked last night has faded into obscurity. It's magic. 

Get your own before I go buy them all like the beauty hoarder I am. It's available on their website www.mojospa.com for only $15.