Deluxe Home Spa Package from Peach & Lily shot at The Phoenix Hotel in San Francisco 

When it comes to skincare, there is nothing as exciting as the world of Korean beauty. They seem to be on the cutting edge of effective, affordable, and adorably fun pampering for skin. But when it comes to luxury Korean beauty there is only one name, and that name is Shangpree. 

My first experience with the brand was their Gold Rubber Modeling Mask. I've tried probably half a dozen other brands since, and while they are awesome (and more affordable) there is nothing that even comes close to the results I got from the single application of this mask. I hoard them now, saving them for only the most important and immortalized of events (aka weddings.)

Why is Shangpree so special? In a country obsessed with skincare, where products are already easily available, incredibly effective and reasonably priced, how can one brand set itself apart? Shangpree delivers flawless, poreless, radiant skin. The ingredients and delivery methods are luxurious, in texture, smell and how they make your skin feel. They are pure indulgence that also delivers unbelievable results.

 In fact, I read online that every Shangpree esthetician must complete train the Shangpree-way for 3 years before being able to provide client services - even with 20+ years of practice in other training methods. So when they decided to launch a home care line you knew it was going to be amazing, but when the Aestheticians created a week-long "Deluxe Home Spa Package" I knew it was going to be good. I didn't even need the discount (although $50 off of the $200 price these items would cost individually is pretty nice!) and my friends at Peach & Lily were nice enough to send me my very own box. 

For the cost of one normal facial I would get a box filled with a whole week of facials, with detailed instructions from the Shangpree Aesthetician's on how to use the goodies to maximize their effectiveness, plus super-sized samples of their home care products. I could not wait to start. 

But wait I did. In part because I had to track the box down (love - moving) and in part because I wanted to make it worth it. 

Of course, the perfect opportunity presented itself when a few days later I found myself awake for 48 hours straight on an airplane (dry dry, tired skin) then gluten-poisoned (hello giant acne cysts all over my face) and stressed out (death in the family, travel changes, life etc.) My pores could host a party, with the bags under my eyes as additional seating for unexpected guests. And I week until my beloved friend (and champion of my blog and skincare!) wedding. People would be looking at my skin with a critical eye. It was time to crack open the box.

Day 1: Pore Tightening Mask & Snail Moisture Sheet Mask
Would it be ridiculous to say my skin whimpered with glee at this combo? Well it did, so deal with it.
The pore tightening mask is a clay mask unlike any I've ever felt before. There was no stinging, but I could feel it sucking my face clean, in a gentle way. Instead of tightening up and drying out, the mask turned into this waxy, soft firmness that was so fun to touch (you may have seen me playing with it on Snapchat) that reminded me most of the paraben treatments that used to be a big deal at nail salons. Like letting hot candle wax dry on your skin. The snail mask was a pretty standard sheet mask, with the bonus that the smell was divine and that afterwards my skin was plump and dewy, and the angry red welts around my acne cysts were noticeably soothed and diminished. 

Day 2: Shangpree Black Premium Modeling Mask
As a huge fan of the gold mask I could not wait to try the black version - which contains charcoal, one of my favorite detox ingredients. Like the gold version, the black starts out as a thick gel that oozes the most divine, comforting serum into your skin as it quickly hardens into a slick, rubbery surface that then forces those nutrients into your skin. Afterwards my face felt glowing, calmed (cysts, about the size of a pinhead now) and my pores were already shrinking down to their previous glory (aka invisible.)

Day 3 & 6: Gold Black Pearl Eye Mask but Everywhere
These little wonder patches are SO fun and slimy. I mean good slimy. Like tiny, portable less messy versions of the rubber modeling masks that you can use to spot treat anywhere you need radiance. Plus they are so conveniently packaged. This is going to be my new plane travel staple. Yes, they look a bit silly, but when you put them on your skin goes AHHHH and then it says thank you by being perfect and glowing. I don't know why it never occurred to me that I could put these anywhere (they eye area being the most delicate area on the whole face) but once I read that I had a major DUH moment. I guess that's why they are the genius aestheticians...

Day 4, 5 & 7: Silver Modeling Mask, Charcoal Hydrogel Mask, & Gold Premium Mask
I'll be honest, by day 5 I was having a hard time finishing the set. My skin looked SO DAMN GOOD, I couldn't imagine it looking any better. Since I was getting on another plane I decided to finish up with the Silver mask and Charcoal Mask and save the gold one for the day before the wedding (having already used it once I knew it was freaking amazing.) 

By the end of my (almost) week my skin was so dewy, pore less, smooth, soft and glowing I was ready to throw all my foundation away and call it a day.

If you have a special occasion coming up - or you just need a skin reset - I could not recommend this kit more, plus with the deal it's worth it even if you just want to beef up your mask collection and not do a full week of intensive masking. 

As for me, I am excited to show off my amazing skin (photos coming soon!) but until then enjoy this super fast video featuring all the amazing products...