Olaplex is the latest scientific breakthrough to shake up the beauty world. This salon-only treatment is a three step process that enables things that were heretofore considering impossible to do without disintegrating the hair! This includes super high level lifts (hello gorgeous Asian Blondes) and perming + bleaching (which before would literally cause the hair to snap off!)

How is such a miracle performed? Science, obvi.

Olaplex describes itself as a "bond multiplier" that works by “reconnecting broken disulfide sulfur bonds in the hair.” Simply put, hair coloring breaks the hair - Olaplex protects/fixes these breaks. Step one is an additive that's put into the color. It needs a developer, the same way that hair color does but can be used with 0 lift** (bleach free) in order to minimize damage even further. Then a second and third step is added about 10 minutes apart after the color is removed. You finish by shampooing, conditioning and styling your hair as usual.

In about 20 extra minutes (and for about $30 extra dollars depending on how much hair you have) you can transform dry, cracking hair into soft, virgin feeling hair. It's magic. 

If you're in SF my mama is offering the treatment now at her salon.  Mention this blogpost and add in your first Olaplex for only $10 with color (coloring is additional, sorry guys!) or $25 for just the Olaplex.  415 - 235-2338 to book (her name is Kathy) 

**Developer is available in increments of 10 from 0 - 40 with 40 lift being the highest and able to lift hair somewhere between 5-7 shades, depending on the additives. Those blue bleaching powders can lift up to 7 shades when mixed with 40. Hair coloring and perming is some serious chemistry kids, pay attention in science class.