Speaking of boobs, mine are still a little bit sore. I have some "cording" where the muscles knit back together "too tightly" which causes "discomfort". Discomfort is a doctor word for pain. It's a double edged sword because controlling the movement of my breasts really helps with the discomfort, but having pressure in the wrong places (especially the arm pits and the top of the ribs) is excruciating in it's own way.

Then I found this bra. I have literally worn it and washed it everyday this week. It's the only bra I want to wear to workout. It provides the perfect amount of support without compression, discomfort, chafing or pain in the shoulders. It's supportive without being constrictive. I can breathe, move, and most of all bounce in it and not think about my chest at all. It's amazing.

If it wasn't sold out in my size everywhere I would probably buy 6 of them. If they have your size and you do so I will not judge you.

Happy Bouncing :)