Do you remember the running gag from the movie 27 Dresses? I just watched it again on HBO Go, it really holds up. But back to the gag - it's the old bridesmaid trope. "It's a great dress right? You can totally wear it again." And of course each outfit is just more ridiculous then the next (remember the scuba suit?)

I think that movie had a really big impact on me because now I find myself using weddings as an excuse to splurge on things I really love. Then I have to justify to myself the cost by finding creative ways to lower the cost per wear. I find this especially true for accessory splurges - shoes, purses and now... The capelet.

I love this capelet. I was utterly smitten. I tried to find something comparable but less pricey in the wild wild west of the internet (etsy) but everything I found looked cheap or didn't have whatever magic thing this capelet has. It was as minimalist and clean lined  So, I had to shift the paradigm. Instead I decided, I would make the casual capelet a thing. So I did.

And it was perfect.

My delicate flowerness has been causing some heat related sensitivity, and I left my sunscreen on the boat, and I needed a light, breezy topper to shade my shoulders that wouldn't leave me smoldering. This was temperature perfect. It's the perfect blush lilac. It's so freaking fun.

I'm not sure if it was the capelet or just how much I was feeling myself, but people smiled at me as I skipped walked down the street to meet my new friend for drinks. Nary a side eye was to be found (except one girl who was wearing business casual and her eyes were basically glowing green, I get it, slacks are the worst.) 

I'm not saying you need this capelet, I am just saying you might need something that makes you as happy and is as pure fun as this is to me. Whatever the equivalent is for you. And not just for special occasions like weddings.

Face: Stretch Concealer in Dark, Balm Dot Com in Cherry both by Glossier | Ditto Endless Sunglasses by Miu Miu | Reformation Capelet | L'Acadmie Camisole | Vintage Levi's