Since this is a lot of work, and I am someone who runs chronically late, sometimes I don't do anything. The beginning steps are the same - I washed my hair with Clean Shampoo on the roots and this amazing purple brightening shampoo on the ends

Then put in a deep conditioning mask, then threw it in a braid while I played in the pool. After pool time I showered off the sunscreen and conditioner and then put in a large dab of hair oil, then twisted it up in a low bun. Because I have a ton of hair I had to redo it a few times (no idea if this matters) and then before bed I threw it up in a high bun. In the morning and my hair looked incredible. Like this. So there you have it. How to air dry your hair - it's all in the product. 

On face | Stretch concealer, Boy Brow, Cherry (on lips)  all by Glossier, Skin Fetish Powder on Lids , Utowa lash curler  + Roller Lash & They're Real 

On Body : Secondhand Acne Jean Jacket (try) | Sachi Micro Curve Crawlers + Ear Cuffs (only $6!) | Black Crepe Slip Dress