PSA: If you've been following along at home then you know I am obsessed with all things Glossier. The Phase 2 Makeup, Milky Jelly Cleanser & Priming Moisturizer are all on my MVP, can't live without list.

And if you were watching along at home, then you also know that they sell out.  I know, I know - in this day and age? But it's happened with all of their best products - boy brow, milky jelly, stretch concealer, Generation G in Like. So needless to say, my confidence in recommending that you GET YOURSELF SOME is pretty high, even not having tried the product myself. Sorry for the loud voice, but when Glossier comes out with "the galaxy's first dew effect highlighter" it's gonna be bigger than the Skin Fetish 003 launch**.

These glide on pigments have a moisturizing core packed with coconut and sweet almond oil but the real gem is that the color comes from real crystal pigment (quartz and topaz, hence the name!) To be specific Rose Quartz (the quintessential stone of love) or Golden Topaz (with creativity-enhancing powers) if you believe in that sort of thing. I believe it couldn't hurt. 

Anyways, go get you some before you can't anymore. Review to come.

**PS I  adore the holographic glow of this product, but it is definitely makeup. I predict Haloscope will be more of a natural, daytime dewy glow. Their products are my everyday go-to, for that coveted cool girl no-makeup makeup look. Skin Fetish is also (whomp whomp) sold out. Sigh.

Glossier Haloscope Highlighter with Real Crystal Powder  (20% off your first purchase if you use this link)