I've gone through a full tube in the last month (between air conditioning, moving and adjusting to a new climate my lips and tips are toast.)

I slather this stuff everywhere - my nose, lips, brows, cuticles, feet, knees, elbows, hair and basically anywhere else that feels dry. I love the coconut smell so much, it took a monumental effort to risk ordering the other two. Apparently the cherry looks amazing layered on top of the Generation G lip pigments (video coming soon) and I'm hoping the rose will stave off my impulse to buy the Byeredo Rose of No Man's Land.  I also can't get over how adorable the packaging is and I have them stashed all over - in all my bags, in the car, in both bathrooms, in the kitchen (for after dishes). Plus they come with stickers! STICKERS! I'm 12 years old, I swear.

Either way, I'm stoked and I've been playing with them while lying on the hammock. Doesn't get much more summer than that.

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