I want three things from my products: beautiful smells, beautiful texture, beautiful packaging. Oh, and effectiveness and natural/healthy ingredients. That's five. It doesn't seem like too much to ask though. Right now, as I basically cross country commute and switch between climates and spend way too much time in air conditioning and humidity I am all about the balancing power of flower essences. They help normalize my skin as I abuse it, switching water types, drying it out and sweating and doing all kinds of other heinous things to it. Plus they smell amazing and look how gorgeous this packaging is! Petal soft skin can also be yours. Give me this bouquet over flowers any day. Ok, I'm done with the puns :)

Anese Smells Like Queen Spirit Hair & Body Mist (20% off your first order when you use my link)
French Girl Organics Rose Lip Scrub & Rose Body Silk
Glossier Milky Jelly Face Wash & Mist (20% off your first order when you use my link)
Herbivore Travel Sized Rose Hibiscus Face Mist
Rose Gold Stool | Copper Pitcher | Banana Leaves