Suncare Yoghurt Nourishing Fluid Veil Face Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 30
 | Alba Botanical Hawaiian Coconut Dry Oil SPF 15 Spray

These are my two favorites. When it comes to products that irritate my sensitive skin, sunscreen is at the top of the list. I also get extra special bonus points because some sunscreens are fine but then irritate me when they are exposed to the sun. The sunlight causes the chemicals to breakdown in a way that then irritates my skin. Talk about a pain in the wallet. I have probably spent a small fortune scouting out options, only to find that they cause a rash later.

Add onto that my extreme snobbiness in terms of the texture, smell, and appearance (both packaging and once applied) and you can imagine how this has been something of a quest.

So when I say I repurchased these products - not once but multiple times - and you'll know that I do not recommend these lightly.

The Korres Yoghurt sunscreen is a watery, thin cream that smells amazing - like sun warmed skin, sea salt and your fingers after eating frozen yogurt from a cone that kind of melted on you a little bit. It blends in effortlessly, is a lovely base for make-up, and is a pleasure to reapply often (as one needs to do with sunscreen.) It's also the perfect size to toss into a small cute bag, so I'm basically never without it. Bonus points for cute packaging. You may balk at the price, but isn't it also a total waste if you buy them and then never use them? Plus, long term think of all the money you'll save on anti-aging.

The Coconut Oil Spray smells like coconut and spun sugar and paradise. It's a very gourmand scent, but not sickly sweet. I love it. I would wear it as perfume. It's also a nice glossy oil that I think looks very sexy on skin, kind of covers up blemishes and bumps and whatnot. The spray formula is nice to apply (although not great for all angles and you need someone to do your back) but between the smell and texture it's so fun that I also find myself reapplying often. The oil also holds up nicely to actually going in the water.

No matter what your pick is, wear lots of sunscreen, hats and shade, drink lots of water and most of all - have fun.