I love a good dewy glow and apparently in Summer of 2016 so does everyone else! So since this is the summer of limited edition, coveted glow potions, I decided to gather my collection all in one place and do a head to head comparison. Watch some videos, see some reviews, and get them (if you still can!) If you have any questions hit me up!

Best Stick/Cream Formula: Glossier Haloscope in Topaz
Best Powder: Bobbi Brown Bronze Glow

When it comes to these two I can't imagine not having both. The cream goes on smooth and moisturizing with a striking copper finish that golden, but not orange. The powder provides a sheerer was of the pigment and is actually much subtler. However, layered together (balm, then powder) you get a glow that's going to last all night - even with humidity or dancing all night.

Since I'm pretty tan these really blended right into my skin, but paler girls are obsessing over the topaz color which acts as a blush/bronzer/glow highlighter that makes their skin look chiseled and dewy.

BEST CREAM: Bobbi Brown Highlighter in Sterling Nights
BEST POWDER: Bobbi Brown Pink Glow 

When it comes to pink glows, I'm a big fan of this universally flatter flush that best mimics a sultry night in tropical paradise after kissing a hot boy. There's flush, there's highlighter, there's cheekbones on fleek. Again, I like to use the cream for precision and then the powder for a subtle way to set it that will last all night long.

Glossier Haloscope in Quartz  & RMS LIVING LUMINIZER 

I can't choose between these two, I just cant. Both impart a natural dewiness that just looks like you completed a juice cleanse while bathing in the milk and golden powder everyday. Subtle, healthy glow. I think I like the stick application and plastic packaging of the Haloscope more (meaning I will use it more) than the glass post from RMS (of which I have already broken two???) Both are gorgeous and seem to contain the same natural ingredients. Haloscope is about $13 cheaper but I can't attest to which one will last longer because my RMS (when unbroken) lasts forever.

NOTE: I included Skin Fetish In here for comparison, but since it's sold out forever I decided not to rank it in the standings. The balm side of the stick is probably the most natural of the whole lot, while the highlighter is comparable to a heavy application of the Quartz Haloscope (although slightly drier in feel) The powder provides an amazing holographic effect which would put it in the pinks, but a much less natural version of the above.