It's almost summer, and like the feline that I am you can find me curled up in a patch of sunlight just about every free second I have. I just want to lay outside (doused in sunscreen, in a giant hat, with ready shade and swimming) as much as possible. I am so enamored with this pass time that it can be hard to drag me away from my outdoor nest even one second earlier than absolutely necessary. Vain as I am, this poses a problem when the sun sets and it's time for me to become an acceptable member of society who can't hide my face behind a giant pair of sunglasses. Fear not. I have mastered a quick and easy way to "lean in to the dewiness" of a hot day. Stocked in my purse are the things I need to glam up in super speed with little to/no tools and only the reflection from my iphone. From a sweaty, beachy hot mess, to a sparklier, intentionally dewy hot mess in just a few easy steps. Watch the video to see how it's done. Product pics below, and if you want to  see the full outfit in all it's glory you can do that, too. 


Lashes to Die For Liner (only available in Canada? IDK I got it at the Sephora in Chicago)